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Roze Gold Review: Painting With A Twist

by Tuesday, October 18, 2016

A few weekends ago, I had the opportunity to try-out Boynton Beach’s new Painting With A Twist Studio. I figured this would make for the perfect date night so I brought my boyfriend to join me. We ended up selecting a gorgeous peacock painting, which looked complicated, but turned out to not be so hard after all.

First off, let me say, if you have never tried Painting With A Twist, it is a must do! It’s great for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, etc. and even perfect for a chill weekend with friends or your significant other. The main theme of Painting With A Twist is to just let go. To forget about everything you have going on and just BE. Even when painting, you’re directed to focus on you and your painting, and to not compare it to how well others are doing (Which is a major life lesson by the way). There will be people that try to skip ahead of the instructor to show off their art skills (it’s happened to me each time I’ve gone to Painting With A Twist) but just ignore them and do you boo.

This Boynton Studio is located near the mall, the studio is ‘see through’ which I liked because you don’t feel as closed in. All painting supplies and artist instructions are provided to you. Each instructor was super nice and polite and helped my boyfriend and I to get our paintings to our liking.

My Top Tips When Attending A Painting With A Twist Class

  1. Relaxxxxx

It’s just a painting. You are not Picasso, and I’m sure no one is expecting you to be. This is supposed to be a fun and enjoyable experience. Don’t ruin it by being Debby Downer because you accidentally painted something wrong or you don’t like how your painting is coming out. It. Will. Be. OKAY.

  1. Bring the Spirits!

As in the wine..booze..liquor…wine coolers, etc. After all, that is what the ‘Twist’ is in the name for. Nothing worse than attending Painting With A Twist sober. However, I will say to drink in moderation. Our instructor stated that someone had previously mistaken their alcohol for the water to clean their paint brushes (tragic). Don’t make a fool out of yourself and remember, someone has to drive home after this so if you are the designated painter driver, please keep drinks limited to 1-2.

  1. Enjoy Your Company

It’s easy to get caught up in your painting, imagining that you’re an artist in the 1800’s who will be renounced for this famous piece of work (Wait, that’s just me?) but remember you did not come here to compete for world’s best artists but to get out and enjoy and that means enjoying the company you bring with you! Continue to be interactive with who you came with and those around you and just have a good time! I also would suggest to bring small snacks, like crackers and cheese because once the liquor sets in you’ll want something to soak it up (trust me).

If you live in the Boynton beach area, check out their calendar of upcoming paintings/events here.

Our Class With Our Paintings


My Love and I


The Boynton Beach Studio


We Won A Prize 🙂


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